Our History ...


        Thermalogy began as an intuition to the energy crises of the 1970’s.  After decades of energy issues, later aided by climate issues, it became a conscious pressing concern. In 2002, an actual plan seemed necessary and research began.  As the clean energy movement began, this turned into the study of how best to make use of the largest renewable resource – free sunlight.  It was found that more of this energy fell on each home’s rooftop than was needed by the occupants in all forms.  A way to capture it and cost effectively make use of it was needed.

        Investigations led to the Stirling external combustion engine.  By giving this engine simple heat from any source, especially from the sun, it could make electricity.  Unfortunately, the existing versions were very expensive and offered limited benefits. For the next decade, many new engine designs were built with mixed success.  

        In 2015, by going back to first principles, each piece of the process was separated and focused on. This led to major leaps in progress.  Then a better way to store heat was learned and by storing the heat first, that electricity generation could match minute-by-minute demand.  By 2016, this effort became the full time effort of our small, dedicated team.  In the process, we created numerous innovations in  storing heat, moving it around,  and generally converting it from one form to another.

        We have designed our systems to apply to any application with decent sunlight and to be supportive of other renewables growth, rather than in competition with them.  As of summer 2018, we are ready to put it to work and that requires a bigger team of passionate, visionaries.

        To do this, our business model has been designed to reach all parts of the globe as fast as possible.  We will leverage the best knowledge and technology.  We will optimize every step to fit as far downstream in the manufacture chain as possible.  We will leverage the passion, demand and cooperation of local communities to spread the benefits far and wide.  This is the fastest, most efficient and affordable way to reach a 100% renewable energy mix.

Our Leaders...


Todd McKissick
Founder & CEO

Drive the vision with his creative solutions.

Imparts vision and motivation into the entire team with clear 2-way communication, appropriate levity and a shared responsibility.

Ensures all teams are working toward the same goals with optimal resources.

Designed and automated 4 water/steam plants and assisted 3 more.

Designed and implemented budget and timekeeping application with audit capabilities for international organization.

Optimized software installation process on major PC manufacturer’s production line.

Written code in over 50 different languages spanning 38 years.

First patent granted in 1995 and filing soon for 24 more.

Math / CS minor at Chapman University – 1992

Electronics AAS at Southeast Community College 1985

USAF Radar & Inertial Navigation at KTTC

Dozens of certifications in management training, plant automation, robotics, solar, satellite communications, auto mechanics/emission controls and networking & system manager for mainframes, PC & MACs. 

Hundreds of online courses in math, physics, optics, automation, AI, economics, business.

Todd enjoys skiing, golf, bowling, pool, swimming, building, racing cars and creating Arduino projects.

With his fiance, Dana, they have 6 kids, their spouses & 17 third-gen kids to help keep busy when they don’t have enough to do.

Do check for sharp/hot parts before committing to holding something you can’t let go.

Don’t try injecting graphite grease into a pressure line without a positive connection.

Do try alternate solutions when told they can’t be done.

Don’t over complicate things.  The best solutions are simple.

Do trust that the only safe to drink drinks in the shop have a scrap of something covering them.

Don’t suggest silly names for new solutions too early because they’ll stick.


Jim Hines
Co-Founder & Director of Business Development

Responsible for seeking out new business opportunities for the organization.

Develop, coordinate and implement plans designed to increase existing business and capture new opportunities.

As a CEO and owner of Institute Of Technology, Jim created a multi-million dollar company from 12 students and zero employees to over 1900 students per year in 5 locations and over 270 employees. 

As a result, he has worn many hats from startup requirements (location, acquisition, infrastructure, IT, setup, hiring personal, etc.) to retention requirements (students, staff, etc.) generated by the daily challenges of the many private, state, and federal agency’s requirements. 

As such, he has the unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges. 

Studied Mechanical Engineering at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA & California State University Fresno 1975 – 1979
Hundreds of courses / certifications as student and/or instructor: Management, Instructor Training, Software Programs, Advertising, Marketing, Employment Skills, Etc.

Sailing, tennis, sustainability research & the great outdoors

Looming perma-culturist, budding wine-maker

Loving husband, father and grandfather.

Run towards problems to find solutions and successful people.

Don’t care who gets the credit.

Don’t stop searching for many ideas.

Do the execution.

Be the honest, objective and calm one.

Strive for win-win.


CFO & Board Member

Ensures the finances match with the projected expenses

Manages the ongoing financial activity

Delegates the appropriate spending to team leaders

CEO of his own accounting firm

Some pretty good school


Don’t spend what you don’t have yet.

Our Board of Directors...

We don’t have their info yet.  Stay Tuned…

Our Advisors...

We don’t have their info yet either.  Stay Tuned…

Our Exponential Progress
Globally Abundant Energy A Win-Win

  • Research Basis: First Principles - K.I.S.S. - Occam's Razor
  • Advancements: Exponential - 10X - Not Incremental
  • Technology: Early Adopter - Cutting Edge - Innovator
  • Manufacturing & Business Model: Decentralized
  • Brand & Reputation: Local Action - Global Support
  • Focus: Community Value
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