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Concentrated Solar Energy And Storage

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Our vision

“To double the value of Concentrated Solar Power with thermal storage for all types of energy consumers.”

Current Solar PV Limitations

Solar PV only produces electricity in proportion to instant sunlight.  This is variable, low efficiency, and creates grid imbalance.

Current CSP Limitations

CSP only produces electricity, is still variable, low efficiency and is beginning to incorporate limited storage but this cost is still above all fossil fuel energy.

Current Grid Limitations

With too little storage, transmission requirements will grow.

With abundant storage, transmission needs fall and more renewables of all types can be tolerated.

Heating And Air Conditioning

Cooling demand adds to electrical load and heating rivals it in quantity.

This is all powered by the current grid and increases storage demand.

There is no silver bullet solution to clean energy. But in 30 years when there is, it will provide...
electricity, heating, cooling, have abundant, cheap storage, be dispatchable and cost less than coal.”

- Said every social media energy expert ever

Why wait 30 years?
All we need is...

The fastest, most efficient and affordable way to reach a 100% renewable energy mix.


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