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A revolutionary multi-stage tesla turbine. Vastly improves efficiency and versatility over existing turbines. Each stage in this customizable turbine can uniquely function as a pump, turbine, or combined pump-turbine system for gases, liquids, air, and steam.

two stage tesla turbine image

2 Stage Bladeless Tesla Turbine

Boundary layer principle. Pump and turbine combination on the same shaft. Single motor/generator operation.

Basic Features for Each Stage:
  • Pump or Turbine
  • Custom Disk Size / Spacing
  • Same Rotational Direction
  •  Easy Manifold Reconfiguration

We deliver optimized ROI by precisely matching capabilities to customer needs (or flexible pricing). Configuration flexibility stemming from AI-based simulation, enables ideal system designing.

Exceptional performance for:
  • Chillers, heat pumps, heat transport & thermal storage
  • Pressure intensification
  • Precision vacuum environments
  • Compressing specialty gases
Lower lifetime costs through:
  • “Regenerative braking” style energy reuse
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Product longevity from robust design

Product Specs

2 Stage Base Model (55k RPM max) - $2,299

  • 750W 55krpm 3 ph BLDC motor/generator
  • 13-15 disks 2.5” or 4.5” Diameter
  • 2 ganged stages with independent functions
  • Mirror polished SS304 laser cut disk, thickness = 0.06”
  • Stage thickness range 1.001-1.125”
  • 4 angular contact ceramic coated ball bearings
  • Any custom disk spacing (Std .008” & .02”)
  • Grid-Manifold 4 Inputs to 4 ports
  • Check Valve Set for separations and/or ports

Features patent pending enhanced compression ratio

Turbine Benefits
  • Increased drive from pressure, less from flow
  • Reduced flow with increased power output
  • Increased response rate
  • Increased efficiency
Pump Benefits
  • Increased head pressure
  • Increased flow range
  • Increased efficiency

Accessories & Upgrades

  • Custom disk spacings at no cost
  • Other stage thicknesses available (Contact for Info)
  • Additional Stages (max of 5)
  • Arduino Power Control / Display
  • Overspeed Monitoring
  • Motor driver (speed or load driven)
  • DC rectifier / monitor
  • Dual Function Controller – auto-switches between gen & pump
  • Vacuum Housing for sound / thermal insulation
  • Vacuum makeup internally driven by 1 stage
  • Al or PVC external case

Key Points

Initial Product - 2 Stage 4.5” + 2.5” Turbine
  • Two connected stages, independent functions, flexible configurations of disks and check-valves, supporting numerous applications.
  • Backed by a 750W 55k RPM motor, it handles everything from vapor compression to hydraulic power generation cost-effectively.
  • Offering exceptionally high compression / expansion ratios & boosting performance across an array of uses; many applications can project increased efficiency.
  • Patent-pending enhancements remove major design limitations that have historically impeded commercial adoption of tesla turbines and pumps.