Our History ...


        Thermalogy began as an intuition to the energy crises of the 1970’s.  After decades of energy issues, later aided by climate issues, it became a conscious pressing concern. In 2002, an actual plan seemed necessary and research began.  As the clean energy movement began, this turned into the study of how best to make use of the largest renewable resource – free sunlight.  It was found that more of this energy fell on each home’s rooftop than was needed by the occupants in all forms.  A way to capture it and cost effectively make use of it was needed.

        Investigations led to the Stirling external combustion engine.  By giving this engine simple heat from any source, especially from the sun, it could make electricity.  Unfortunately, the existing versions were very expensive and offered limited benefits. For the next decade, many new engine designs were built with mixed success.  

        In 2015, by going back to first principles, each piece of the process was separated and focused on. This led to major leaps in progress.  Then a better way to store heat was learned and by storing the heat first, that electricity generation could match minute-by-minute demand.  By 2016, this effort became the full time effort of our small, dedicated team.  In the process, we created numerous innovations in  storing heat, moving it around,  and generally converting it from one form to another.

        We have designed our systems to apply to any application with decent sunlight and to be supportive of other renewables growth, rather than in competition with them.  As of summer 2018, we are ready to put it to work and that requires a bigger team of passionate, visionaries.

        To do this, our business model has been designed to reach all parts of the globe as fast as possible.  We will leverage the best knowledge and technology.  We will optimize every step to fit as far downstream in the manufacture chain as possible.  We will leverage the passion, demand and cooperation of local communities to spread the benefits far and wide.  This is the fastest, most efficient and affordable way to reach a 100% renewable energy mix.

Our Leaders...


Todd McKissick
Founder & CEO


Jim Hines
Co-Founder & Director of Business Development


CFO & Board Member

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